The new way to manage, plan and develop your processes and workflows

It’s really easy!

Runnerty is an open source tool writen in node.js. Just install it and start to configure your workflows in a few minutes.

npm install -g runnerty
# runnerty v2
# node > 8.6.4

Do what you need wherever and whenever you want.

Connect your workflows and processes with your entire stack. There is a bunch of executors, triggers and notifiers to connect runnerty with the trendiest technologies and services like Mysql, Firebase, Amazon AWS, Redis, Twitter, Slack, etc...

Language agnostic. Javascript? Python? PHP? Runnerty is compatible with any existing language. If you already have working processes, you can bring them to Runnerty.

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Deeper than expected.

Discover everything you can do with runnerty. Know all the features and possibilites to boost your workflows to the next level.


Know the secrets.

Dependencies managemet, historization, params centralization, API, etc. have a look at the documentation to learn about these features.

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Hands on!

To start using runnerty, download the quick start repo and start building your own workflows.

# Clone this repository
git clone
# Go into the repository
cd runnerty-quick-start
# Install dependencies
npm install
# Run the example

Stay tuned.

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Get Inspired by the community.

Know how they are using Runnerty.

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